Aqualutions Pty Ltd is proudly an Australian company which incorporates many years of experience on water treatment requirements for industrial / commercial, boiler and cooling water systems, on varied Australian water supplies.

The continual growth of Aqualutions Pty Ltd has been achieved through our commitment to service and technical back up, as well as our very cost effective solutions. We offer a full service package from supply, installation, service of pre-treatment such as reverse osmosis to ion exchange water softeners, cooling tower dosing systems and tailored water treatment chemical requirements for boilers and cooling tower plants.

Aqualutions Pty Ltd is the only company in South Australia that manufactures all of our water treatment chemicals on site at our Lonsdale manufacturing plant. Under the name Chemology Pty Ltd, we are constantly working on new and innovative products to meet the ever changing market place and individual needs of our customers.

Water treatment is of critical importance to our communities not only from the aspect of public health but also in areas of cost management and water conservation. An adept Water treatment program for evaporative condenser systems and boiler plants forms a integral part of the energy, water and resources efficiency of the facility. Maintaining good results from your water treatment program will have huge economic payoffs and help meet environmental objectives at multiple levels. Efficient water treatment may help ensure reliable operations of your water systems while reducing energy and water use thus minimising greenhouse emissions. Effective water treatment is a cost effective green technology that can offer a substantial return on your investment.  Aqualutions Pty Ltd is committed to this cause and is continually aiming to reduce our impact on the environment.

Aqualutions Pty Ltd supply water treatment products and services spanning many types of industries, encompassing companies such as;