Aqualutions Pty Ltd can control corrosion, scale and deposits which can lead to pitting, mechanical failures, increase fuel consumption by decreasing heat transfer efficiency.

Controlling boiler, process steam and condensate system problems requires a total system approach to water treatment. Aqualutions Pty Ltd has the knowledge and the expertise to implement the appropriate treatment program.

A complete approach is required to prevent or minimize deposition and corrosion in the entire boiler system. Water hardness, dissolved oxygen levels etc, need to be conducted regularly, coupled with the correct chemical program, will help maintain a safe working and efficient boiler plant.

Internal Boiler Water Treatment

We provide a full range of boiler water treatments which help minimize deposit formation as they impede heat transfer, accelerate corrosion and could cause boiler metal failures.

Oxygen Scavengers

We provide a full range of boiler water oxygen scavengers which react with boiler dissolved oxygen gas, to prevent oxygen caused corrosion throughout the system such as Tannate or sodium sulphite based or polymer based chemical treatments.

Steam/Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors

We provide a full range of inhibitors in the after-boiler section such as condensate lines, etc. To help control corrosion by neutralizing chemical treatments or by filming agent chemical treatments to prevent oxygen attack.